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How to order wine at a restaurant

There are very few things as enjoyable as pairing the right food and wine. The best part of dining in a restaurant is that the right glass of wine can practically take any meal to new heights. However, one of the biggest confusions you may have is choosing the right pair of wines for the food while navigating the wine list. 


Ready to learn how to navigate the wine list when you look for Restaurants near me for food and wine online? Here are some tips for ordering right wine in a restaurant:

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Consider the Food

Many would go through the list of wine and choose the one that sounds appealing to them to drink on that particular time. But the most important thing that goes overlooked is that you should consider the food you indent to take while choose the right wine pairing. In an ideal sense pick the wine that is versatile and can be paired for multiple dishes so that there is no need for ordering different variety of foods.

Don’t panic

If you have been asked to order wine and you haven’t finished reading the list of wines offered by the restaurant don’t get panic and order in rush at the heat of the movement. Request for extra time to read the menu and take your time to read the full list. Muse over the list and choose the bottle that works best for you and pairs best with the meals.

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Trust your palate

For help you can get some recommendations for choosing wine but ultimately the best judge is whether you enjoy the wine at your own palate. If you enjoy a particular flavour or like to taste a grape variety, feel free to explore those options. When you search for Restaurants near me for Drinks remember that your goal is to enjoy the dining experience, so trust your instincts while choosing the wine variety.

Try to Experiment

Consider it as an opportunity to discover new flavors while choosing the wine in a restaurant. Try something different and don’t afraid to come out of your comfort zone while tasting wine. Ask for suggestions from staff to choose from a wine list that includes white wine, rose wines, natural wines or orange wines that tastes good with your food. Who knows you might find a new favorite wine pairing.

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